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Monday, November 9, 2009

Let's Try This Again...

See that poor schmo to the left? Well, that's me. Except that I'm a tad darker. And have slightly different sexual organs. But I have no "Workout Song of the Day" because I haven't been, what do you call it..."working out." I have been so pressed to complete my WIP by January that I only peel myself off the couch to go to my day job. And to grab something to eat, of course. Here's a list of all the naughty snacks that I've indulged in during this weekend alone:

1. Two small, but decadent, slices of peanut butter and chocolate cake (have you ever met a more sinfully delicious duo?)

2. A sausage and egg biscuit from Bojangles (though I did give the last few bites to my cousin because I wanted to spread the guilt)

3. A double-stack, regular fry, and regular Sprite from Wendy's (but, in my defense, that burger isn't nearly as big as it looks on the commercials--but it was still delicious. Please don't sue!)

4. Cinna-sticks from Domino's.

5. An oven-baked sub from Domino's (but I did have to order this so they would actually deliver the cinna-sticks. Pretty pathetic, huh?)

I'll be honest, I love to eat just as much as I love writing (though there's nothing like some hot wings to cure writer's block). So when I'm able to do both (laptop on my lap, bag of baked chips to my right), I'm in pure ecstasy. I'm not trying to starve myself, but I know I need to be a bit more health conscious so that I can reap the benefits of what I'm certain will be a fruitful writing career (fatty foods decrease--inflated ego increases).

So, as I sip on my yummy concoction of coffee and hot chocolate, I am now declaring this my new Day 1. Is this cheating? Absolutely! But I am now vowing to make every Monday morning my weekly weigh-in. Now that I've put it in writing, I have to follow suit.

Now you tell me--what are some of your favorite guilty pleasures to nibble on while writing?


Glamour177 said...

There are too many yummy deliciousness out there for me to name them all.

My official weigh-in days are Wednesdays though because I tend to be super bad diet-wise on the weekends, and so I use Monday and Tuesday as my last minute work-off-the-sludge-you-ate-on-the-weekend workout.

M. Hockaday said...

I hate weighing in- it makes me more depressed- especially weekly. I always expect some big number and I never live up to that expectation, which in turn makes me eat more :( I don't know why but diets and trying to "eat right" never works for me. I need a lifestyle change I think, but those usually require money- which brings me to a whole new problem ...