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Monday, April 5, 2010

My Agent Wish List: Kathleen Ortiz

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This week, I choose to highlight the very cute, very awesome, very business-savvy Kathleen Ortiz from Lowenstein Associates, Inc. Ms. Ortiz started her career as an editorial assistant and interactive media designer for the young adult section, and now she's continuing to take the literary world by storm by working as an Associate Agent and Foreign Rights Manager. Check out more cool info:
Why I Heart Her: Because she has admitted that she loves "slush." Being that I have very few connections in the literary world, this is may-jah news to me. Plus, she loves watching 80s and 90s movie marathons with her buddies. Is she my doppelganger or what?
Why You'll Heart Her: Because she always holds the most epic contests for aspiring writers ever--including this one that's going on now.
Who She Represents: Kathleen is very new to the scene, but some of her soon-to-be superstar writers include Jaime Reed and Jennifer Walkup.
What She's Looking For: Chapter books, middle grade, and YA (both fiction and non-fiction). Bonus points if you've written a romance with a "male point of view and a great voice."
Notable Net Nuggets:
Check out Kathleen's own blog, Neverending Page Turner
Twitter (she posts consistently--great way to gain insight of her interests)
How to Submit to Her: By snail mail, send a query letter, short synopsis, and the first chapter. If you want to submit electronically, you have to complete the form here.
Kathleen is currently building her client list, so polish up your manuscripts and give her a try (I may or may not have already done so). Good luck!

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Marquita Hockaday said...

Nice one :) She has a lot of cool web stuff too- I am now stalking her on twitter ;) Maybe I'll try to query her when I get my POS on track.