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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RTW: When/Why Did We Start Writing?

Writing Song of the Day: "When I Grow Up" by The Pussy-Cat Dolls (check it out below)

It's that time again- time to go on a road trip! Our aces at YA Highway are asking when/why did we start writing? Well, we would like to say that we started writing as soon as we came out of the womb- but of course that isn't humanly impossible. Instead, when we both got to the age that we were able to write, we started writing and reading. We both were ahead of the class in English- always reading above grade level, and writing creative stories and poems (yes, we're doing a lil' bragging- but that's okay every now and then, right???). It was a passion that hasn't left us since elementary school.

Pam remembers when she was around 3/4 years old her mom would read Green Eggs and Ham to her. One time, when her mom wasn't there to read it, Pam made her own story to the images in the book! Creating stories at age 3, impressive right?

Pam carried her love for writing to college where she got her undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University in Creative Writing. And now, we are both attending Fairleigh Dickinson University to obtain our MFA in Creative Writing.

Why did we start writing? It started when we were a lot younger and were in need of an escape. We didn't grow up under the best of circumstances, so our characters became portals to another life. And we were always curious, so we explored different worlds/cultures through our stories. Honestly, we're really strange- and delving into the mind of characters is a lot more interesting than the exhilirating world of education :) And now no one could pay us to STOP writing. Whether it be screenplays, teleplays, novels, short stories, poems... we just can't make it stop! Even when we were pursuing our education degrees, we still spent our spare time writing. It's like breathing to us.

So, tell us- when/why did you start writing????

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Kate Hart said...

I'm jealous that you guys got to share your love of writing from childhood on!

Michelle Schusterman said...

Me too! We writers need crazies to share this process with for sure. :)

Glenna said...

It started when we were a lot younger and were in need of an escape. We didn't grow up under the best of circumstances....

^ Not to detract, but that's the CLASSIC writer's tale... And they all grow up to be famous, don't you know. Cough cough. Nudge nudge.

Which is a semi-obnoxious way of saying that drawing from hard experiences is an age old ability of great writers, and the fact that you can do it well means something good.

Racquel Henry said...

I started reading at 3. The first book was a Muppet Babies book called, Where's My Bottle...lol. I think I was writing stories by the time I was 5 (first grade). In fact, I still have my "early stories"..lol!
I don't really know why I initially started writing. I guess I just liked to envision the perfect life and writing it down made it seem possible to attain. (I used to want to live on a farm, and that's what my first story was about!) These days I write because I cannot imagine myself doing anything other than writing. It is without a doubt my passion. It's an outlet for me when I'm stressed, it drives me, challenges me, I could go on. It's the only thing that can hold my attention for over an hour! My first creative writing course was at USF and the class met 3 times a week for 50 minutes. On the first day when the 50 minutes was up, I was SHOCKED. I was focused the entire class period, and I actually didn't want to leave! That's when I knew that I had to make writing my career. Sorry this was so long!

Marquita Hockaday said...

Racquel- There is no such thing as long when writing about your love for writing :) And that is so cool that you've been writing since age 5- we know exactly what you mean by not being able to live without writing.

BLS- Yes! That is so true about our tale being the classic one- do you forsee us making money soon, then???

Michelle and Kate- It's nice having the support of a fellow writer- but we can still get at each other throats every now and then :)