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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

RTW: Best Book Read in September

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The lovely ladies of YA Highway are taking a trip again this week, and they want to know the best books we've read in September. Here we go!

Pam's Thought

Wow, I must sound like Ellen Hopkins' personal promoter (which would be an AWESOME job, btw) because--for the second time in a row--I'm choosing another one of her titles. This time around, I have to go with the one and only Glass.

This is the sequel to my other fave, Crank, and I cannot say enough about this author and this series. Ms. Hopkins has revealed before that these stories were inspired by her own daughter's bouts with drug abuse, and I have mucho respect for her to share these stories with us. Being both an aspiring author and a professional school counselor, I know how therapeutic writing can be.

Glass continues Kristina's journey after she's had her baby and tries to keep away from the "monster." I don't want to give away anything, but let's just say she has a tough road ahead of her. Once again, Ms. Hopkins style of writing in narrative verse gets you right inside of Kristina's head, and you won't be able to put this book down. Seriously. I think I burnt cinnamon rolls because I couldn't stop reading. I'd definitely recommend this for all of you contemporary YA lovers out there.

Quita's Thoughts:

I will keep up with the stalker train here. Hey, if you didn't know this is what Pam and I do- we stalk okay, deal with. I am choosing Maggie Stiefvater's Linger as the best book I read in September. I chose Shiver (the first book in this three part series) before and even though I thought that book was pretty good, I was uber shocked and surprised when I got into Linger.

Linger continues the story of Sam and Grace, the couple who fell in love while Sam was a wolf. I know, I was a like- huh?- when I first heard about this series, too. But the way that Stiefvater writes makes it feel normal. So, Sam and Grace are still in love and you think that's all you're gonna get with Linger...well, you're wrong! Stiefvater introduces the reader to two more character's POVs. A rocker named Cole who is my new character crush, and Isabel (the bratty rich girl) gets their own voices in Linger as well. It's interesting to read how Isabel views things as she deals with what happened to her brother. And it's neat to read the voice of Cole as a new werewolf who wants to stay a wolf- the complete opposite of what Sam wanted in Shiver.

I could go on and on...but we would love to hear what the best book was that you read in September-that way we can add to our ever-growing to be read lists. Pam, we're gonna need a bigger bookshelf :)


Sarah Enni said...

I feel terrible that I have not read Crank! *hides* I really, really need to get on that. And Quita did you see the FOREVER cover?! So. Pretty.

Holly Dodson said...

I, apparently, am becoming a slacker. I haven't read Crank or Shiver! *grabs nook and starts spending* lol

Susan said...

I'm on the un-Crank-ed list too. ACK. Thanks for the reviews, ladies!

(Oooh, I saw the Forever cover. Yes, c'est très jolie!)

Erinn said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your cinnamon rolls. It's tragedy when good yummies go bad.
I have shiver and and linger on my bookshelf. I too need a bigger one.

Racquel Henry said...

I've been begging my dad to come and set up a bookshelf for me for like the past year. I've got one 5-shelf case and then my books are just piled up around it..does NOTHING for my OCD! lol...Those look like great choices. I read Crank in 3 days...couldn't put it down! I definitely want to read Glass!

P.S. I saw your comment on my blog Pam! I wish I lived in Virginia so I could go to conferences with you guys! It's a cold world over here in FL..well not really

Alicia Gregoire said...

Confession: I've never read any Ellen Hopkins. *runs away*

Shiver, Linger, and Forever (when it comes out) are on that ever growing TBR.

Kate said...

Where have I been? I've never even heard of "Crank" or "Glass". Now I have to go check them out.