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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

RTW: Fave Book of August

Writing Song of the Day: "DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again" by Usher

Okay, we've taken a break from it, but it's once again time to check in with our peeps over at YA Highway. This week they're asking: what was your favorite book in August?

Pam's Thoughts:

I'll admit it. I'm late to the whole Hunger Games craze. My cuz let me borrow her copy, and I have been converted to a full-blown fan (still don't understand all the Peeta love yet, but I'm just now starting Catching Fire--maybe he'll convert me, too). But while I'm eager to read both sequels, I can't completely call HG my fave book that I read in August. So what could possibly take that honor? Check it out below:

That's right. I am in LOVE with Ellen Hopkins. And this book? This book is intense with a capital: HOLY SH*T!

Tricks tells five narratives of teens who have somehow gotten involved into the world of prostitution. It is not for the weak at heart, but I would definitely recommend that parents of teens read it along with their children. The stories are at times touching, but majorly heartbreaking. My mind was blown when it was over and I still haven't recovered. I've already read Crank, and now the rest of Hopkins' books are definite must-reads. I'll stop gushing though and pass the mic to Quita.

Quita's Th

It's so good to be back :) First, I am soooo glad that I can now talk to Pam about how freaking fantabulous The Hunger Games series is. YES! I am starting to read Mockingjay now- I keep sneaking peeks during down time and am somewhere in the middle of chapter two. I wish I was done with that now because I know that would be my fave book of this month. Alas, I'm not so I have to decide between the plethora of books that I read this month....hmmm......

Okay, so if it's not obvious I'm saying I didn't read a lot this month. However, when Pam took Hunger Games, I gained The Forest of Hands of Teeth from her and OH MY LAWD! That book had me crying, scared, crying, confu
sed, relieved, scared, happy, crying...did I say scared yet??? Pam has already highlighted this book as her fave of the month, so I'm gonna cheat a little and say my fave book of August is Jennifer Brown's Hate List.

Technically, I'm still reading it in September (I have 20 pages left to read when I get home- don't judge me this book is 406 pages long!) but I get the gist of it and WOW! Brown does a great job of making such a hard topic easy to relate to and intriguing. The book focuses on the girlfriend of a guy who brings a gun into his high school and takes revenge against the students who treated them wrong. It is told from Valerie's (the girlfriend) POV and it is probably more powerful because of that.

What are you waiting for??? Read these books and jam to Usher. GO!


KO said...

Really interesting-- thanks for the tips. Both sounds heavy but like GOOD reads.

Amanda Hannah said...

I haven't read either of these yet, but will definitely have to. Ellen Hopkin books are always mind blowing.

Kaitlin Ward said...

I have yet to read anything by Ellen Hopkins and that kind of embarrasses me. I need to remedy that...

Jess said...

Wow--so many intense books! :)

Thanks for the recommendations, ladies!

Michelle Schusterman said...

Major intensity!!! I adore Ellen Hopkins. And The Hate List sounds amazing.

Bee said...

I'm ashamed to say I have yet to read any of Ellen Hopkins' books.
Also, Hate List and The Forest of Hands And Teeth are on my wishlist, so maybe I'll get to gush along with you guys next time..

..for now, I still await Mockingjay to reach my mailbox.