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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All We Want for Christmas...

Wishing Song of the Day: "Santa Baby" by Madonna

YA Highway has made a mistake...they told us to go wild this week with their topic. No one should ever tell me and Pam to go wild unless they expect utter insanity in return. This week, they told us to pretend that we can ask Santa anything we want (and they penned a pretty kickass poem for the post). Topics like this are what dreams are made of... here is what we want to whisper to Santa.

Quita's Santa Wish list:
Students that care
Twenty Pound Weight Loss---without exercise, while eating pizza, Chinese food, and chocolate chip cookies.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eminem, and Garrett Hedlund wearing nothing but Christmas bows and smiles.
A multi-million dollar book deal with a dream agent attached
A gig at a University
World Domination

Pam's Santa Wish list:

A shiny new meniscus (knee cartilage) and knee ligaments

To never exercise again and not gain a pound
The New Toyota Corolla with GPS built in
Leonardo DiCaprio wearing nothing...not even a Christmas bow

A multi-million dollar three book deal with dream agent attached (sound familiar)
Again, a gig at a University

The World in the palm of my hand

Hey, we warned you all before that we share a brain. Now, what would you ask old St. Nick?


Holly Dodson said...

LOL You guys are awesome.

Kaitlin Ward said...

World domination? *Keeps an eye on Pam and Quita*

Alicia Gregoire said...

Ha ha! I love where the wishing went.

Erinn said...

I'd bow before you as my leader if you dominated the world, could you hook me up with a publishing deal too?

Sarah Enni said...

I think "world domination" comes with an automatic three book deal.

Meredith said...

Ha! Hilarious! I would like some world domination too, please.

Kate Hart said...


We obviously used the same Google image search, too. LOL :)

Kate Hart said...

(could I have said "lol" any more in that comment? *sigh*)

Abby Stevens said...

Y'all's Christmas lists made me snort with laughter! Love them!

PS - looks like we've got some snow headed our way! If y'all have school tomorrow, be careful!

Racquel Henry said...

LOL! Love this post! I like the multimillion three book deal w/dream agent attached. I think I would be happy with just one! And then maybe Dwight Howard in kinda the same thing Pam wants Leo in! LMAO :)

wordwranglernc said...

let's see...

A clean house - without the hassle of having to clean it.

A new house - that has enough room and is self-cleaing.

A clean financial sweeP: Enough money to pay off all my bills and all the rest of my family's bills.

Are you seeing a theme? :)

Amie Kaufman said...

You guys are hilarious! I think I would be okay with you ruling the world.