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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RTW: Books Everlasting

Reading Song of the Day: "Again" by Flyleaf

It's Wednesday! Not only does it mean we're closer to the weekend, but also that it's time to hit the road with the cool chicas from YA Highway. Here's this week's Road Trip Wednesday question:

It's Groundhog Day! Pretend you're Bill Murray in the 1993 movie-- what book would you read over & over forever?

First of all--AWESOME movie! Second of all, such a fun question--let's do this:

Pam's Choice:

Oh my goodness, I can't choose! That's like asking me what food I would eat over and over--or any other example that's not as greedy. Hmm, if I HAD to pick, I'd have to turn to the author that made me fall in love with writing: Judy Blume.
Superfudge, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great...the list of greatest hits goes on and on. But the one that I probably love the most is Blubber.

I know I've probably praised Blubber a few dozen times before on this blog, but can you blame me? Blubber was the original Mean Girls. Readers got an inside look at both the bully and the victim through the protagonist's eyes. Though Jill Brenner does a lot of awful things, Judy Blume made me empathize with her. Me, and not only was I a very cynical child, but I also felt a little like Blubber while growing up. Blume balances tears and laughs, and it's like she was writing any classroom across America.

I would have shown you all my personal copy of Blubber, but it's a little bruised and beaten. Yeah, I love it that much.

Quita's Choice:

Oooh, Pam's choice was soooo good. Judy Blume RAWKS. I guess if I was being truthful about a book I would read over and over, forever I would have to visit some childhood faves too. I'm way too indecisive to choose between the two books that I wore out the most as a child. These would be a tie between R.L. Stine's The Boy Next Door ( I wrote my first YA novel based on this book) and Ann M. Martin's Super Special #3: Baby Sitter's Winter Vacation.

However, the Baby Sitters win. I read this book probably once every week from the age of 9 to 13/14. And I would still read it throughout the rest of my high school years. I was a little embarrassed, so I never told anyone I was still reading the Baby Sitters club, but c'mon! You know these books are classics! This one was my fave because it was so completely different then what I was used to. Growing up in Virginia where it barely snows, and with no money to travel to winter resorts, I didn't experience many snow fights, and snow man making contests. It was a complete escape...and the drama that ensued on this vacation was also exhilirating.

What about you? What book could you read forever and ever, and ever...?


Erinn said...

I had read a shocking little of Judy Bloom and the baby sitter club. But I remember a lot of other girls reading them. I read a lot of Christopher Pike and LJ Smith. Very cool list I love how you went back to your childhoods to get your picks!

Angela Felsted said...

I've never read Blubber, maybe I need to pick it up.

KO: The Insect Collector said...

I am so ashamed I never read Blubber! I have to read this. Now. I certainly read some JB, just not this one.
Love the BSC reference. Just saw this funny "where are they now" post on another blog
check it out!

Melanie said...

Good picks, ladies! But Quita, I have to agree with you on the BSC books. I loved them and was known to read a book from beginning to end without any breaks! "Logan Likes Mary Anne" was my favorite because I read it as I started noticing that boys don't really have kooties. It was my first taste of romance and I am still a romance nut now!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Ah, Judy Blume!! I have fond memories of her books, some of the first books I read in English. So inspirational, and at the time--so REAL. Never really got into R.L Stine, but read quite a few Babysitters club!

Great choices!

Aleeza said...

judy blume definitely RAWKS. she was also one of my first forays into english literature. great picks, pam and marquita!

Amanda Hannah said...

<333 Judy Blume.
Awesome classics :)

Kate said...

I never got into The Babysitters Club as a kid. But Blubber I was a Judy Blume fan.

Sarah said...

I was such a Babysitters Club junkie as a kid. Recently I picked up a bunch of second-hands and read through them. There's still something oddly addictive about those books.

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Yep, anything by Judy Blume. Wonderful stuff!

Alicia Gregoire said...

I LOVE Judy Blume! My favorite one was Just as Long as We're Together!

Is it bad I've never got into The Babysitter's Club?

Tracey Neithercott said...

I love Judy Blume. I think this post has inspired me to re-read a few!

Alison Miller said...

I love Judy Blume too. My fav was Deenie.

Great choices!

Steph said...

I used to be obsessed with the Babysitters Club. I think I might've kept one or two of the books, just for nostalgia's sake. =)

Leila Austin said...

I went through a phase when I didn't read anything except Baby-Sitter's Club. It doesn't snow here in Auckland either, so I especially liked Winter Vacation too. And Super Specials generally :-)

I've read quite a few Judy Blumes but not Blubber! Need to fix that!

Racquel Henry said...

Oooh, both of those picks are two of my favorite childhood memories! I could read Charlotte's Web forever! I love Wilbur! I even went through a phase where I wanted a runt! Lol. :)

Ann Bedichek Braden said...

Oh, great question!

I think I'd go with Fifteen by Beverly Cleary. I read it so many times, and it never got old. Oh, Stan with his awkward delivery truck. Makes my heart go pitter-patter.