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Thursday, February 17, 2011

We Gots Us an Award!

Feeling Lovely Song of the Day:

It's always great to get awards. Especially awards that celebrate things you work really hard on...and believe us, we work hard to keep you all entertained here. So, yesterday after having a loooong day, we came home to this:

Yep, the Stylish Blogger Award from Caroline Tung Richmond!!! Thanks, Caroline- we truly appreciate it!!!! "throws confetti and balloons*--wait can you throw balloons??

So, the rules to accept the award this award is to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award, list 7 things about yourself and pass the award along to ten other awesomtastic, Stylish Bloggers, and finally contact said bloggers.

This, we can do!

7 Things about Pam and Quita:

*We are totes obsessed with the movie, Inception. Pam requested a Blu-ray player for Christmas just so we can watch Inception on it.

*We will murder a mo-fo if they mess with our family. WE can talk about them all we want, but if you speak out of turn, we'll eff you up.

*Pam: When I was younger I was riding my bike, and one of my neighbors wanted me to chase him. He moved too quick, my front tire hit a curb and I hurt my hoo-ha...but I can still have babies someday!

*Quita: When I was younger, I was hyper. I was playing and ran into a long wooden stick hanging from the bed of a truck. I hit my head and still have trouble remembering things to this day...

*We LIVE for chocolate and peanut butter mixed.

*At around ages 9 and 10 we would write a few pages in our Lisa Frank (or any other) notebooks and read them out loud to each other. (Early on critique partners !)

*Going to the movie theater is one of our favorite past times. Unless of course they are crowded b/c we both have a slight case of agoraphobia ;)

YEAH! Now you know seven new things about us and we get to the fun part!!! Here are ten other Stylish Bloggers that we would like to pass this award on to.

1.) Racquel Henry!
2.) Abby Stevens
3.) Glenna Walsh!
4.) Alicia Gregoire
5.) Emy Shin!
6.) Jessica Byam!
7.) Jamie Manning!
8.) Alex Mullarky
9.) Meredith (from Meredith Writes)
10.) Kate Scott

If you don't know these bloggers, go check them out- NOW! Thanks again to Caroline!!! We will be in touch with our fellow Stylish Bloggers :)


Jamie Manning said...

Aww, thanks ladies! You rock!

Unknown said...

I'd like to thank the acadimy and...

Racquel Henry said...

Thanks sisters! I'll stop by and check out the other bloggers too! :)

Alex Mullarky said...

Thank you so much! Yay! I shall put this in my post tomorrow :P

Meredith McCardle said...

Thank you so much!! Pam, I did the same thing was I was 9 or so. O.U.C.H!

And Quita, if you haven't already, you should totally play the lottery this week. :)

Karen Strong said...

Ya'll had me at peanut butter and chocolate! :)

Yeah, me too. I hurt my hoo-ha too on a bike as a kid. :( Not the business at all. LOL.

Alicia Gregoire said...

Aw, thanks! Fuzziness.

Emy Shin said...

Thank you so much for the award!

And WORD about Inception. I have so much love for that movie -- though mostly, it's all about Arthur and Eames (and his British accent).

Jess said...

You guys spoil me. Like, srsly. ;)

Thank you!!

Glenna said...

Aww, thanks girlies! :) <3 You ARE rather stylish!