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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIAWAB Acknowledgements Blogfest!

Writing Song of the Day: "Thank You" by Jay Z

Okay, so our sister from another mister, Blue Lipstick Samurai, is throwing a WIAWAB Acknowledgements Blogfest--or "When I Actually Write A Book, You Will Be Acknowledged." Here are the rules:

Write an acknowledgement blurb for 12 people, with 12 reasons. But not just ANY twelve people:
•3 people you know IRL.
•3 people you know online.
•1 person who has died.
•1 person you never met.
•1 person you met once.
•1 couple (so, 2 people).
•1 author.

Pretty tricky, huh? Nevertheless, we wanted to give it a stab. Here we go...

Pam's Choices:

3 People I Know IRL (In Real Life):

1. Quita:
Because she'll hit me if I don't.
2. Trisha:
My cuz and Quita's older sis. She was technically the first writer of the family because she's the oldest, and I used to love copying everything that she did.
3. Tee Tee:
My niece, and favorite cranky teenager. She keeps me "hip."

3 People I Know Online:

1. Racquel: Okay, technically this is cheating because I met her in my MFA program first--but since she lives so far away (*cries*), we mostly communicate online. She's our adopted little sis--not to mention co-founder of Black Fox Literary Magazine.
2. Blue Lipstick Samurai: Hello? She comes up with awesome blogfests like this--not to mention she's the coolest teenager aside from my lovely niece.
3. My Paper Hangover Crew...oh, and Abby...oh, and Erinn...oh, and Jamie...oh, and the lovely ladies from YA Highway...Gah! Far too many to thank...how about just all my awesome followers??

1 Person Who Has Died:
Okay, sentimental moment, but I'd have to thank my uncle, Duke (and Quita's dad).

1 Person You Never Met:
I've technically never met my super agent, Sarah LaPolla, so she'd obviously have to go here. :)

1 Person You Met Once:
Ummm, I have no clue. I hardly remember ANYONE I've met if it was only once. Hmm, well, I did see Kirsten Hubbard for a millisecond at LA SCBWI--and I think she's a pretty fantastic writer. So, there you have it...

1 Couple:
My mom and dad. Well, they aren't actually together anymore, but come on! It's my mom and dad! I'd have to thank them somewhere.

1 Author:
This is so unfair. I have too many favorite authors! Okay, okay, if I had to choose, it'd be the lovely Judy Blume. Hey, she's the one that made me fall in love with words.

Quita's Choices:

3 People I Know In Real Life (IRL):

Okay...sorry but this gonna be slightly repetitious:

1. Pam: cuz she's my cuz...and she makes me write better.
2. Trisha: My older sis who used to write with me and Pam on a daily basis. She was a part of our first critique group and I hope she starts to write again soon.
3. I have to tie all of my nieces and nephews (cheating, I KNOW!) Tee Tee (like Pam said), and the boys b/c they are 5, 4, and 2...so much material there.

3 People I Know Online:

Okay, I'm going to try to not repeat all of Pam's choices (btw- our online friends are interchangeable- meaning ALL of the people in both mine and Pam's choices would be thanked by BOTH of us)

1. Racquel- duh, same reasons Pam said :P
2. Alicia- for providing such dry wit and support whenever necessary. And also for the fact that she is willing to BETA read for me :D
3. Jamie Manning- for being such an awesome support and providing excellent eye candy on Fridays...and also being willing to BETA read for me!

1 Person Who Has Died: My daddy. We lost him almost three years ago (April 24th, 2008) to cancer. He left us way too soon. He won't get to see me get married or sell my first novel, but I know he'll be looking down on me.

1 Person You Never Met: R. L. Stine for assuring me with his books that I NEEDED to write thriller, mystery, horror-esque novels at some point in my life.

1 Person You Met Once: Michelle Wolfson (cheat alert and Mitchell Waters), for showing me that agents really ARE just people and it's not so bad to go up and introduce yourself.

1 Couple: Can I cheat here and say my mom? Just b/c I would definitely thank her and I didn't get to put her anywhere else, yet. After dad passed though, mom is technically a "couple" on her own. She has always been strong and there for me whenever I needed her. She supports my dreams and because of her pushing me to wake up every morning and go to school, I'm where I am today.

1 Author: Like Pam said, this is a mean one. We luvs our authors! I guess I would have to go with Joyce Carol Oates b/c she writes Young Adult with just as much badassness as her Adult works.


Meredith McCardle said...

What a fun blog fest! I loved reading this. :)

Glenna said...

Thanks so much for participating, mah sistas from alternate mistas! :D <3

I LOVE the idea of mom being a 'couple on her own.' That's just gorgeous.

And R. L. Stine is SO fantabulous!

And Pam, it's not so much cheating as 'interpreting the rules.' ;)

Amparo Ortiz said...

Awesome choices, ladies! I love how hard it was to thank one author only! I think I'd have that same problem... *sigh*

Alicia Gregoire said...

This was great. Quita, I'll be emailing you. Soon.

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

Love these Pam and Quita-- I also like the idea of your mom being a couple on her own. And your author choices are great.

Abby Stevens said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad, Quita. :( I love what you said about your mom being a couple on her own since he passed. It sounds like you and Pam have a beautiful family!

And thank you for including me! Love you ladies!

Yahong Chi said...

Ahahahaha, I love that "she'll hit me if I don't".
Why do both of you write such great acknowledgements? All of your books will have such eloquent endings... *sigh*

Jess said...

Ditto what Abby said about your family--sounds like a beautiful, supportive bunch of people! :)

Jamie Manning said...

Aww, thanks you guys for including me in your "3 people I know online"...that's so awesome!! Much love is being sent your way right now :)

Racquel Henry said...

What a fun post! Thank you for thanking me! Lol. I love you both sooooo much! And Quita, we would thank the same author...LOVE JCO...Pam we must get you to cross over to the underworld! :)