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Monday, April 18, 2011

Let Us Entertain You Part Deux: The Results!

Results Song of the Day: "Feeback" by Janet Jackson

It is finally amongst us--our long awaited Spring Break! While we'll be spending this week relaxing and enjoying our week away from work, we will also be taking into consideration the results of our poll last Monday.

We asked all of you what we should do more of on our blog...59 of you voted woo hoo!!!!! (or maybe our mom's came up here and voted 20 or so times...)

Anyway, here are the results:

So, as it stands you guys really enjoy when we tell you about conferences, when we give writing tips, and when we fight each other. *blinks* Also, you seem to really like our new "What Agents Want" series (yay!) and when we participate in blog fests. Please be sure that we've heard you loud and clear. In fact, there's a blogfest tomorrow- Query Letter Blogfest. There's still time to enter, check out the rules here!

Since you all really like when we give you advice that we hear from conferences,why don't you tell us about your favorite writer conference you attended...or will you be attending one soon? What conference do you WISH you could attend but work, life, and general suckiness gets in the way?


Meredith McCardle said...

Well, I've only been to one conference, but it was definitely a favorite! It's how I landed an agent. ;)

I'm DYING to go to the national SCBWI conference in NYC or LA. That would be awesome. And I'd kill to go to BEA some day, although technically I don't think that one counts as a conference.

Holly Hill said...

I've been to a couple of conferences here in FL. But, like Meredith, I think I'd kill to go to SCBWI NY or LA and BEA. ;) In fact...hey, Meredith, we could carpool...just sayin'. LOL But that would be a reeeeeally long drive.

Abby Stevens said...

I'd love to go to BEA/Backspace, but it didn't work out this year!

Racquel Henry said...

I voted! AWP was by far the best conference I've attended. TONS of information but most importantly, tons of Joyce Carol Oates! LOL. :)

Anita said...

I don't write Romance, but there's a RWA conference in NYC that sounds like so much fun!

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

Peeps- I'm only 2 long trainride hours from NYC! Come stay with me and let's go to SCBWI!

Alicia Gregoire said...

This year I'm going to my regional SCBWI, but I'd really love to go to the summer one. Oh and BEA too. It boils down to lack of cash and time. (Boo)