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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Juggling Act...and a Winner!

Juggling Song of the Day: "Get Busy" by Sean Paul

So...I have a TON of things I need to do:

1. Finish my thesis by the end of May.

2. Work on more revisions for Wants.

3. Work on revisions for Project J so that I can send it out to betas (and then to my lovely agent).

4. Read Hannah Moskowitz's Gone, Gone, Gone so that I can mail it to the next reader on the ARC tour (I've started it...and it's BRILLIANT thus far).

5. Prepare material for my Weekend of Awesome writing trip (which I can't WAIT for, by the way).

6. Prepare material for my SCBWI novel retreat, which takes place the following weekend after WOA.

7. Start working on scheduling for next school year.

8. Breathe.

So, why am I blogging instead of tackling any of the above items? Well, to whine to my lovely followers, of course. Oh, and to announce the winner of Crystal Allen's How Lamar's Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy. Without further ado...

The winner is:


Congrats, KO! Expect an email from us shortly. Oh, and any advice on how I can tackle this To Do List would be greatly appreciated. :)


Holly Dodson said...

That's a pretty epic to do list there. Not sure I've got advice, but good luck! ;)

Sophia Richardson said...

Good luck with your to-do list and congrats to KO: I just won Hannah Moskowitz's Invincible Summer from her so this must be karma! I'd say just take one thing at a time from your to-do list and maybe some small rewards as incentives for finishing each item (not no. 4 since that's its own reward).
- Sophia.

Alicia Gregoire said...

I don't want to think of my to do list. Right now, I'm scrambling to get my stuff together to send out for WOA.

Congrats KO!

Abby Stevens said...

Yay KO!

Tere Kirkland said...

Congrats, KO, and good luck with your dissertation, Pam!

Kate said...

Sounds like you're busy. Good luck with everything. And cograts KO.

KO: The Insect Collector said...

YAY!!! hooray! Thanks so much ladies!

Racquel Henry said...

Congrats KO! And man, to-do lists will be the death of me. Your #1 looks like my #1.