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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How That Bee-yatch Irene Did Some Good

Writing Song of the Day: "Hurricane" by 30 Seconds to Mars

REJOICE! Me and Pam finally have our power back and we can get back to blogging. This is the order of things that we missed during our 48 + hours of no power:

1.) Lights
2.) TV and Internet
3.) Hot food
4.) Air conditioning
5.) TV and Internet

Did we mention TV and Internet??

During that time of no power due to the evil wench, Irene, we were able to come up with some positives. Without having the distraction of aforementioned TV and Internet, me and Pam were able to accomplish some writerly things. And because of that we present to you....

The Writer's Survival Kit During a Power Outage:
(The kit that all writers must have when a big storm or other natural disasters are headed their way)

At least TWO fully charged laptops: If you don't have them charged then go to the nearest relative/Starbucks/book store that has working electricity and charge them up! You need two just in case you can't find another charging source...oh and keep the power turned OFF while you're not using them!

Your smart phone--charged: This way you can stay in touch with what's going on with the writing world through Twitter and e-mail. You car goes with this one. If you're like me and Pam and you have a car charger then that will definitely come in handy :)

Your jump drive: Hopefully you already have one with all of your ideas, WIPs etc. saved on it. Make sure you keep saving to it just in case your battery dies on laptops one and two.

Reading material: Whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Both Pam and myself got in a lot of reading using our e-readers and candle light. Pam started reading Boy Toy by Barry Lyga and I began the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead . Also Pam read more of Wants before she sends it back to her super agent,and I read some of Writing and Selling the YA Novel by K.L. Going. You MUST have at least two books on hand and if you have an e-reader, make sure that's fully charged, too.

Notebook(s): When those bright ideas hit you (hopefully when it's bright outside, or else write by flashlight) and you run out of battery.

Snacks: Hopefully power snacks like granola and fruit...but more realistically Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (you have to eat it before it melts), Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies, Lays Baked Barbecue Chips, Pretzels, Peanut Butter Crackers, etc.

And of course batteries, flash lights, candles, and ice: Keep the lights shining for reading and writing, and the ice to keep that ice cream good and frozen--at least for two nights!

That's it! Go ahead and start creating that kit. Oh and just like always, we're open to suggestions, so, what would you add to this list?


Meredith said...

YAY for having power back! Having no power after a hurricane is miserable, especially when it's like 90 degrees outside.

I think your list sounds pretty spot on. The only thing I'd add to it is wine because ... yeah. That's always high up on my list of hurricane supplies. :)

Holly Dodson said...

Glad you guys have power back! I love your list. Flashlights are so multipurpose too -- reading, writing, AND they entertain small children for hours at a time! ;)

Alicia Gregoire said...

So glad you ladies have the power and everything back and running. I had all of that stuff prepped for Irene, but all we got was a lot of wind, some rain, and cold weather.

Abby Stevens said...

Glad y'all are safe and got your power back on! Ours came back on last night and I was SO glad. One of the best things we had during our 55+ hours without power was little headlamps we bought from Wal-Mart for $5.88 a piece! They looked a little silly since you wear them around your head, but they were great for reading or anything you might want both hands for during the outage!

A.J. Mullarky said...

Well done for being productive!

Ghenet Myrthil said...

Your list looks good to me! I prepared all of these things pre-hurricane but luckily we never lost power. That's great you guys were able to get stuff done, and I'm glad you power's back!