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Monday, October 3, 2011

7 x 7: In Which We Take a Stroll Down Blogging Lane

Reflecting Song of the Day: "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes

Yay! The awesome KO (who just got AN AGENT, btw--go congratulate her!) passed along this lovely award to us:

As part of this award, we have to highlight some of our past posts that fit certain superlatives and then past it along to 7 other lovely bloggers. And so, let's do this:

Most Beautiful: Um, how can you not love this inspirational clip of a little boy just learning to ride his bike? Of course, it has nothing directly to do with writing...and we didn't do much but upload the video on our blog, but still. It was motivational, people!

Most Helpful: Though she's only done three, it seems like you really all like it when Quita does her "What Agents Want" posts. She'll be sure to add newer additions in the near future.

Most Popular: Aside from blogfests and our BAZILLION contests (What can I say? We love to give), our most popular post may have to be this one in which I announced that I was agented (major props to Sarah LaPolla, yo). Thanks SO MUCH for all of your support, lovelies. It means a lot. :)

Most Controversial: It started off as a fun idea. Quita wanted to share an article from the SCBWI Bulletin about YA cliches. I mean, we even got a great number of comments...including one from someone named: "Anonymous." That's right, we got our first virtual spanking from someone who didn't want to be named. Apparently, Quita linking to the original article was not enough for Anonymous--we should've included the author's name. Point taken.

Most Surprisingly Successful: I truly thought our post, "Our Take on Race in YA," would be considered controversial--so we were surprised with how many of you all supported our opinions. Sure, the number of comments won't go down in record books, but it was the quality of the comments that really impressed. We all had a great discussion!

Most Underrated: We had such high hopes for our First Lines Critiques. I mean, when we first announced it, we got such positive feedback and a lot of entries. But then when it was time to actually critique said first lines...crickets. So because of that, Quita and I are a little wary about offering any other critique workshops in the future.

Most Prideworthy: Well, for me, I had a blast comparing opening chapters to appetizers in a restaurant. If you're a fan of this blog, you already know by now how much I LOVE to eat. Quita chose this post in which she loves on fellow blogger, The Tabby Catt--she had so much fun writing her poem of all things Abby. :)

Well, that was awesome. It was nice reflecting on our blogging past since it gives us an idea of where to take this puppy in the future. As far as who we're passing this along to--well, anyone who wants it! We figure this award has been around town more than a loose girl, so if you haven't gotten it and want to join the party, go for it!


Rebecca B said...

How did I miss your comparison of chaps to apps?!
Great posts, all of them.

Alicia Gregoire said...

"We figure this award has been around town more than a loose girl." <-- Dying with laughter right here.

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

So funny, and I love all these posts and links!
I didn't realize you'd been chastised about the SCWBI article. I think linking to the article in the post makes it pretty clear you're not plagiarizing... but I'm reasonable like that.
(Please note, I'm a professor who HATES plagiarizing, and I take it very seriously.)

Christa Desir said...

Nice job, girls. So glad I found your blog!!!

Racquel Henry said...

This is interesting. I also liked Quita's "What Agents Want" posts. :)

Marquita Hockaday said...

Yeah, when Pam wrote this post she realized how much we've done so far with this blog and we're pretty proud of ourselves :) Thanks for the comments, ladies!