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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RTW: Our Writing Journeys...And Boy Are Our Hands Tired!

Writing Song of the Day: "Tie My Hands" by Lil Wayne ftg Robin Thicke

Can you believe that the ladies at YA Highway have hosted 100, count it, 100 Road Trip Wednesday posts?? Well, they have! And this week, in honor of reaching the 100 Mile Marker, the ladies want to know:

How has your writing journey gone so far?

You mean, we get to shed light on our successful (okay not always successful) writing stories thus far? Don't mind if we do!

Pam's Response:

Wow, where do I begin? I have definitely been on a journey since I participated in my first RTW. First of all, this blog began as a solo venture, but then I joined forces with my annoying/lovable/most-awesome-person-in-the-world cousin, Quita. Second, I've written three, count them, THREE YA novels: one is a hopefully funny contemporary that I'll soon be revising, another is a supernatural modern tale about fairies that I wrote for NaNo 2010. And the third? Well, the third is my baby, Wants. And why is it my baby? Well, because it landed me the incredible Sarah LaPolla, who has just put my shiny new version of said baby back on submission (fingers crossed).

So what lies ahead? Well, I'm trying NaNo again this year, and I'm possibly delving back into my dark, contemporary roots this time around. I have a couple of ideas for future novels scrawled in my journal, so now I just have to find out which one is calling me next. Oh, and even though I graduated with my MFA in creative writing this past summer, I actually have to defend my thesis, gulp, TODAY. Wish me luck!

Quita's Response:

Since I began to take my writing seriously (about two or so years ago now) I've completed three novels, and "graduated" from my MFA program (for which I wrote a collection of short stories). Two of my novels have been through the ringer numerous times. My historical, In Limbo, is completely different from its first draft (which I wrote over a year and a half ago). It's moved from a single POV story about a white boy in love with a white girl, to a two person POV novel--and that white girl is now African American. Two agents have a full of this manuscript at the moment, one of which seems like she's REALLY excited about it--we'll see where that goes.

My other novel, The Blues, a contemporary mystery (I began writing this one a year and ten days ago), came close with three agents and finally one requested a revise and resubmit. I'm still working on the revise part. The final novel was a NaNo project--my foray into the world of paranormal/supernatural and I hated it. I think I'm just not good at telling those kinds of stories--at least not in one month. Maybe if I try and revise it, it might be okay...you never know. Now I'm on my way to taking another shot at NaNo--this time with a quiet story, and I'm gearing up to defend my MFA thesis next week. WHEW! I think that's it.

Now that you know all of me and Pam's bidness, how has your writing journey been so far?


Write Life said...

Best of luck to the both of you! Sounds very exciting!

Kaitlin Ward said...

I'm impressed with you both for your prolificness and your MFAs!

Fingers crossed that your submissions get the best of responses :)

Colin Smith said...

Pam: Congrats with getting an agent, and all the best with submissions and the MFA thesis defense!

Quita: All the best with NaNo next month--hopefully something you love will come from it! And, likewise, I hope your MFA thesis defense goes well.

Jaime Morrow said...

Good luck to the both of you!

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Pam-congrats on landing an agent

Quita- best of luck in the search

And the writing! Always the writing.

Rebecca B said...

Best of luck with your submission and search!

Unknown said...

Holy cow, good luck today Pam! And good luck with all the exciting agent stuff Quita, and with your MFA thesis defense next week! Phew, you ladies really have some intense stuff going on right now! *Buys chocolate for both of you*

Unknown said...

Congrats to you both on finishing your MFA's and good luck on your thesis defenses. And of course keep on enjoying the ride. I know you are both headed in the right direction.

Crystal said...

Good luck to both on defending your MFA thesis (theses?)! Seems like you have a lot of great stuff going on :)

Alicia Gregoire said...

Good luck with the defending ladies!

Tracey Neithercott said...

First of all, GOOD LUCK Pam!!

You each have had quite the journey and accomplished so much--MFAs, agent interest. It's all so exciting. I wish good tings for you, Pam, while you're out on submission. And Quita, I hope on of those agents showing interest give you a call very soon!

Mrs. Silverstein said...

Whoah, hope the defenses go/went well!

Quita, when is In Limbo set? I want to know more! I'm a sucker for historical YA.

Pam--you're making me want to try again with a new idea during NaNo--I was thinking of just trying to get writing again on the project I started last year (not trying to "win", but just writing again) but man, it is kind of fun to start from scratch. Eep.

Jessica Love said...

Good luck, Pam! And good luck on sub! :-D

Yay Quita! You guys are awesome!

Sara Biren said...

LOVE reading posts like this! I'm really excited for you both! Can't wait to hear further updates.

Racquel Henry said...

What great journeys you both have had! Pam, I'm crossing my fingers for you with Wants! Quita, I hope that agent sweeps you up (she would be crazy not to!) You are both such an inspiration! Keep it up! :)