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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fives: You're the Inspiration!

Reading Song of the Day: "Hard Wired and Inspired" by The Subtle Way

Hey, peeps! It's been awhile since we've participated in Friday Fives but this week we're joining Paper Hangover. This question was too good to pass up on! The gang wants to know:

Who are the FIVE authors that inspire you?

This is a lil' hard b/c we are fangirly over SOOOO many authors. But if we have to narrow it down to the five that really inspire us, we could't think of a better list than the following. Here are the top five authors (in no particular order) who inspire us to keep the writing dream alive:

1.) Judy Blume AKA The MOTHER OF YA!

WHY? She was the first person that made me (Pam) fall in love with reading AND writing. One of the first stories I ever wrote was pretty much a copy of Superfudge. She just understands children so well, and you can tell how much love she puts in her words. It was so hard not to cry when I saw her in person at the last LA SCBWI conference. Maybe if I'm so lucky again, I'll work up the courage to actually speak to her.

WHY: She writes both contemporary & historical fiction and she does it with ease. Her historicals are more about the story than the backdrop and therefore, they stay relevant. This is what I (Quita) strive to do with my own historical novel. Also, her contemporary novels focus on the "edgy" side of YA and tells the stories that parents wish weren't true.

WHY? No one understands teen angst better than her. I (Pam) get anxiety sometimes when reading her novels because her depiction of high school is so real, I feel like I'm going through all of those emotions again. I can only hope that my writing is half as good as hers.

WHY? Because he freaking nails the teenage voice. Whether he has a male or female protag, Blake makes the MC and all supporting characters relatable and realistic. His novels are genius nuggets of contemporary YA.

5.) Tie between Jodi Picoult and Joyce Carol Oates:

WHY? Pam on Jodi Picoult: She truly is a Jill of All Trades because she understands both the teen and adult voice. After reading a bunch of stories I wasn't quite fond of for literature classes, Jodi Picoult reminded me of what it was I loved about reading. She can take a hot topic in the news and turn it into a heartwrenching story. She inspires me to write about what I see around me--and maybe I'll be able to help others just like she's helped me.

WHY? Quita on Joyce Carol Oates: Because she writes stories that focus on heavy and hard topics. Her prose is magnificent without being too flashy, and it's obvious that she writes the stories that others shy away from. She inspires me to write what I want without fear.

What about you all--who are those authors that inspire you to keep on writing?? Have a great weekend!


Jennifer Pickrell said...

Awesome, awesome list!

Rebecca B said...

Agreed, wonderful list. I need to read something by Courtney Summers, stat.

Colin Smith said...

I might have to check out Blake Nelson. I'm always on the look-out for good male YA authors. Thanks!

Racquel Henry said...

As you both know, I'm pretty much obsessed with Joyce Carol Oates. I am inspired by her the most. I also really like Jennifer Egan and Lorrie Moore. I may just blog on this topic next week since I blogged on Black Fox today. Great list! :)

Alicia Gregoire said...

Fantastic list, ladies.

Jaime Morrow said...

Jodi Picoult's on my list too! I need to check out Laurie Halse Anderson's stuff. Great list!

Jessica Love said...

I MADE myself say hi to Judy Blume and ask for a picture. I knew I would cry about it later if I didn't. I LOVE HER.