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Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNo Check In: Almost to the Prize!!!

Writing Song of the Day: "Race for the Prize" by The Flaming Lips

Morning, peeps :D

We hope you didn't miss us too much last week. As we stated, we had to take a week-long break from blogging to focus on other matters. One of those matters is getting through NaNo and conquering that pesky challenge for the second year in a row.

We're both writing novels that we were sooooo excited to start (you can read more about them here , here and here), but now? Well, we're ready to throw all 25k (and counting) words out of the window...and let a car roll over them.

We're sure we're not the only ones hating our NaNo novels, right now. And if we are, just indulge us and pretend that you're just as frustrated, 'kay? Anyway, we wanted to let you all know where we stand with our novels and also hear how you're doing with yours.

OH! And we forgot to mention the prize that we've agreed upon if we are
successful with NaNo this year. What is it, you ask?? Drum roll please....


Sound familiar? Yes, it is very similar to the prize we granted ourselves last year. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

So, tell us--how are you doing with your NaNo novel and what's your prize waiting for you November 30th??


Ann Braden said...

Oh, Nano is so bad right now! I've gotten to the end of all the great stuff I had plotted ahead of time, and now I'm in a hole of no motivation. Currently, my characters are playing 20 questions! Believe it. It's bad.

I think I need a prize like you. Maybe that would work. Or maybe the next person's twenty question idea would just be a juicy hamburger. :)

Alicia Gregoire said...

I should think about this. Maybe I'll finally get that massage I've been holding onto. Thoughts?

Unknown said...

Nano is going pretty well for me. I hit 48k words toward in the middle of last week, then I kind of stopped writing. I'm normally a total pantser, but for this project I outlined, and I finished my outline. So now I'm revising. I have 2k more words left to add before I win and about 15-20k more words to add before I have an industry approved final word count.

While I'm glad that I got my project so much farther along, I doubt I'll ever do nano again. Cause really the quality of writing is a lot more important than the word count, and I think writers should write in what ever style works for them.

If nano is a style that works for you, then keep up the good work.

Ghenet Myrthil said...

Mmm Five Guys. :) Good luck with the rest of NaNoWriMo! I bet once you finish and go back to revise, you'll fall in love with your stories again.

Hope Roberson said...

Thanks for the blog follow! I just looked up your profile and saw that you are a teacher too, what do you teach?
Your blog is a lot of fun to read and always lifts my spirits :) Good luck with your nano project, don't run it over! Tomorrow it will sound better than it does today, enjoy the rollerocaster!

Alex Mullarky said...

That burger makes me not want to be vegetarian.

Ann Braden said...

OK - after my 20 question confessional earlier today, I'm happy to report that the characters all got up and did something that moved the plot forward, and I finally broke 20K which has been taunting me for a few days now.

And I don't know if Nanowrimo is exactly my style for how to work, but I do know it was taking me a lot longer than it should have to start my next project, and this has gotten me right into it. And I'm not trying to write a perfect novel right now so I don't mind the rushed feel to it. What I'm putting down is more like outline+dialogue+action. After I get through that and figure out exactly what's going to happen then I get go back and dive more deeply into the setting and the characters that are currently more like placeholders. Because I love revising and I never need motivation for that, but getting started (while I'm still easily distracted by the query process for another book) -- I definitely needed help with that.

Marquita Hockaday said...

Ann, I agree with your comments. The point of NaNo isn't to get that perfect novel out. It's to force us writers to get some of those voices out of our heads. Getting the bones of a good novel is what we can hope to get out of NaNo and I'm glad you were able to break 20K! And I agree, getting started is hard!

Hope--I teach high school world history and sociology and I also run my school's literary magazine. Pam's a middle school counselor and also an adjunct writing teacher. Do you find it hard balancing the day job and writing? B/c we sure do!

Thanks to all of you for checking in with us! Happy NaNoing!

Hope Roberson said...

I am actually just getting back into teaching--I'm an elementary teacher, but my degree is in sociology :)--as a substitute so I'm hoping that leaves me some time to still write...we'll see how it goes! I hope your projects are on the upswing :) Good luck!