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Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Remix

Blogging Song of the Day: "A Change Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke

This post is a lil' late today b/c we're kinda scrambling for time. You all know how that goes. Anyway...we wanted to let you know that our blog is going to get a re-do. Not the look of the blog, we know that's already pretty badass, instead we're changing our blogging schedule and what we talk about. Mainly because we've noticed a decline in comments/views of our book review posts. Because of that we're gonna blog only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and our topics will fall under the following umbrellas:

Monday: Writing/Reading Tips and Thoughts: In which we share our latest thoughts on writing topics, trends, and tips. We will also discuss books that we're DYING to share with you, let you know how we're doing with our Debut Author Challenge goals, and we'll throw in any publishing news that we may want to share.

Wednesday: YA Highway Road Trip fun: We will participate with the ladies at YA Highway (as we have been) and go road tripping every Wednesday :D

Friday: FREE FRIDAY: It's a free for all, you guys! But not that free...here's an idea of what we might discuss--movies we're planning to see, books we're planning to read, writing ideas we're planning to try, music we're grooving to (we might even share a playlist or two), and anything that's on our minds.

What do you all think? Digging the new schedule? Can't tell the difference? Have something you think we should add to the schedule? We'd love your thoughts and input!


Alex Mullarky said...

I like the sound of that! I've always been a fan of the blog but I have to admit I don't usually read book reviews.

Ghenet Myrthil said...

Sounds good! I'm excited to hear what else you pick for the debut author challenge because I'm participating too. I just finished my first book - Cinder (which I know you guys read too). I loved it!

Jessica Love said...

I love reading book reviews, but I rarely comment on them. I've either read the book and my only comment is something like "Yay I loved this, too!" or I haven't read it and my comment is "I've been wanting to read this!" or "I haven't heard of this!" So I kinda don't bother anymore. Haha.

Yay new schedule!

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