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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And Here We Go...

Okay, so I'm not new to the blogging game. I've been running one for a whole TWO MONTHS as part of my day job (shameless plug: visit smscounselorcorner.blogspot.com if you want any insight on counseling middle school students...or if you're really bored). However, this is the first time exposing my ain true love for the whole world to see. My parents don't even read my writing--though I'm not sure if I should take offense to that.

But here's the deal: I write, you read. Heck, you can even write to me in the comments section and I...drum roll please...may even write back! Who would've thunk it? And now because I'm annoyed by my own sarcasm, I'll take the sincere approach. I would love it for you all to follow me on my journey in becoming a published author. We can share funny stories, cry on each others' virtual shoulders, and I may even be bold enough to provide writing/editing tips--though I'd much rather be on the receiving end of the latter.

So, care to dance? Don't be a wallflower and join in on this party! As I don't see the direct analogy between dancing and writing, I'll drop this metaphor and let you enjoy the rest of the site. :)


Glamour177 said...

Hello there! I ran across your blog through AbsoluteWrite.com. I posted info on my blog right below your post and decided to check out what you have to say.

I am new to the blog world also and it sounds like we are on the same journey. Although, I am pretty jealous of your most recent blog entry from that agent. I haven't had any feedback like that, nice work!

Can't wait to read more. Please stop by my page and take a look around. http://thetwenty-eighthyear.blogspot.com

Pam Harris said...

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I'm swinging by your blog right now to drop you a line. :)