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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What ELSE Do I Do?

...besides write and obsess about my weight.

Workout Song of the Day: "Again" by Flyleaf

It's time to answer YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday question. Today it's all about having a life. Something that I haven't had in the past year ever since I've become more active about this whole "living your dream" thing. But the YA Highway crew has questions, and damnit, I'm going to give them an answer...or many. So, what else do I do besides write?

Not a whole lot else. Besides working full time as a school counselor. And returning to school for my MFA in which I have to read, write, critique, and annotate until my eyes cross. Oh, and trying to pencil in time to actually pry away from my laptop to exercise. Not to mention to emptying out my TiVo to catch up on all the antics of desperate housewives, dancing C-list celebrities, and a bunch of classy ladies vying for the love of Ray J (you know, Moesha's little brother).

In all honesty, I have no social life--and it'll probably remain that way until I complete the first draft of my WIP (I'm shooting for mid-December). But when I start to miss human interaction, my cousin and I run off to see a matinee movie. Since we get off work early today (you rock, Thanksgiving!), we'll be making a trip to see Precious--and I do plan on reading the novel it's based on. It's sitting at the very top of a pile of books that I haven't had time to crack open yet (which is what I also do besides writing; reading for pleasure, that is, not cracking things open).

So, there you have it. Nothing really interesting. But I'm willing to sacrifice sunlight and a steamy romance in hopes of becoming published. And once I become a bestselling author, I can buy a tanning bed and the perfect man. :)


Amanda Hannah said...

I think it's great that you're so focused on your goals! And that sounds like quite a busy life.

Glamour177 said...

You will have to provide a review of the movie (and the book when you have finished it).

Michelle Schusterman said...

I heart movies too. Precious looks amazing!

And good luck finishing your WIP - mid December is coming up fast!!

Kristin Miller said...

Oh, man, being in school just wipes time away. But I love that you're so focused!