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Friday, January 29, 2010

Contest Alert: Page to Fame!

Workout Song of the Day: "Percussion Gun" by White Rabbits

I've been naughty. I've set up a schedule to post something on my blog every weekday, but--whaddayaknow--life kind of got in the way. Yet, to make it up to my devoted followers, I just got word of a new writing contest.

The friggin' awesome Mike Chen just sent me an email about Webook.com's PageToFame contest! Here's how it works:

Round 1: Submit your 1st page and synopsis. If enough readers like you, you go on to...
Round 2: Submit your 1st chapter. If enough readers like you, you go on to...
Round 3: Submit your 1st 50 pages. If enough readers like you, you go on to...
Round 4: Submit your WHOLE manuscript.

Did I mention that throughout this process, your work will be reviewed by literary agents? Talk about getting your foot in the door. But even if you don't win the contest, at least you can get some strong feedback and what works and doesn't work in your manuscript. Beginnings are difficult to nail--this could be a learning process for us all.

I'm in--are you?


M. Hockaday said...

Oh yeah! I am definitely in- in like Flynn! If my corner phrase didn't prove it enough, I am uber excited :) Thanks for the scoop!

Masonian said...

randomly dropping in off a comment on nathan bransford's blog.
I too have almost all my ideas from my dreams. I have cinematic dreams, it's fun!

just dropping a "me too" note. :)


Melanie said...

Good God, this is the coolest contest ever!

And I wouldn't worry about posting ever single weekday. If you force yourself to post that much, your content quality might suffer. I love reading your blog because the content is so well written and thought out, and I am sure a major reason behind that is because you only post when you have something important to say.

Your comment on my SBD venture was truly inspiring and amazing. You have got my motivation going!

Racquel Henry said...

Interesting! I wish I could do it, but I barely have a first chapter! :( Good to know though...this is a unique contest, but I really like it! :)

Racquel Henry said...

By the way, I updated my blog, but my spell check went away...Do you know where it is? This sounds so funny, but I'm serious...is there still a spell check?