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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Fave Book Covers

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Today, YA Highway asks: what are your favorite book covers? To which I answer...gah!

Initially, I was at a lost for words. As a school counselor, I always tell my students: "don't judge a book by its cover"--but hopefully I'm not as lame and cliched as that statement. And hopefully, if I am, my students just mumble it behind my back. But I digress...my point is, I never really thought I cared about the book covers--only the actual story. However, I've noticed that I have snubbed plenty of novels if they looked too "Harlequinny." I totally made that word up, but now I'm totally in love with it. But, without further ado, here are some of my favorite covers that made me snatch the books right off the shelves even though I hardly had any money in my pocket:

Okay, this one is a total cop-out because it's not the "official" cover--but it has Leo on it. And my heart will go on for Leo.

From one of my favorite authors, this cover is so subtle but speaks volumes. It clearly displays a sense of unity that students may feel after suffering a tragedy together.

The book that started all the pandemonium. I still have no idea what the hell this has to do with the novel, but wasn't it cool when the movie randomly made a reference to it?

This just looks like something that should be in an art gallery. It definitely made me pause and read the book flap.

An oldie but goodie. If this cover could make some of the knuckleheaded guys in my high school want to know what the book was about, then mission accomplished.

I just raved about this book in my last post (which was forever ago), but I don't mind giving it extra props The girl in the cover looks both "beautiful" and haunted at the same time, which is how many of my middle school girls appear. Job well done to the cover artist.

I literally almost interrupted testing when I saw this on the student's desk. I've heard so many good things about Scott Westerfeld as an author, but this series just may be added to my reading list for the covers alone.
I have a ton more that I could add, but laziness plus crappy Internet connection is a deadly combo. Any of your faves up here?


Kirsten Hubbard said...

I always loved the Lord of the Flies cover! I spent a lot of time staring at it. I totally had a crush on Ralph when I was fifteen, as depicted.

Kate Hart said...

The Uglies cover is really intriguing.

M. Hockaday said...

I really like the Lord of the Flies cover too...and The Uglies cover does make me want to add the series to my list also. I do really like the Twilight cover-especially because it makes me think of husband # 10, Robert Pattinson *sigh*

Cindy said...

Those are some cool covers, though the Lord of the Flies one sort of creeps me out (knowing what the books is about and all). I read a Scott Westerfield book a long time ago, way back in the day when no one really knew who he was and I was under the illusion that I might actually one day write some pretty stellar YA myself. Anyway, his book was awesome, unique and it really sparked my creativity.

I love interesting covers, even though I try not to judge books by them. They really do influence people and sway people to, at the very least, pick them up and see what the book is all about. Cool post!

Pam Harris said...

That's pretty cool that Westerfeld inspired you like that--now I'm definitely interested in reading some of his books (my writing has been lagging lately)!

Racquel Henry said...

I LOVE the Lord of the Flies Cover also! And I think the book cover has a lot to do with whether the consumer picks up the book or not. I try not to do this, but I admit that I have done it many times (For example, if the book looks too gothic). I just did it while reading your blog too! That book, Beautiful, makes me want to pick it up and read it, though I have no idea what it's about! :)

Casey McCormick said...

I will admit (somewhat ashamedly) that I DO judge books based on their covers. If I don't like the cover, I'm not likely to pick it up over something else unless there's great buzz or I get a trusted recommendation. *Hangs head*

This is a great post idea, though. I might have to post mine sometime in the future! I love the cover of Beautiful and Uglies. Great choices!

Casey McCormick said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you, definitely read Uglies. I loved the series!