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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Agent Wish List: Kathryn Green

Workout Song of the Day: "Hello Good Morning" By Dirty Money

So this week I decided to showcase the very talented Kathryn Green from the Kathryn Green Literary Agency. Kathryn started her own agency in 2004 after spending 25 years in the publishing industry. That's a mega amount of experience, which I'm sure is beneficial to all of her clients. Since I couldn't find a legit picture of Ms. Green, I chose a clip art of how I'm sure she actually looks while working. Pretty awesome, huh?

Why I Heart Her: I just picked up a wonderful collection of YA short stories called Bleed written by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Since I fell in love with her writing so much, I did some research and discovered that she's kinda a big deal in the YA world--and Ms. Green is the genius behind the genius.

Why You'll Heart Her: Because her response time is on point! I've checked both QueryTracker and the Absolute Write Water Cooler and noticed that she responds to queries in record time--some even receiving input from her in the same day!

Who She Represents: Aside from the ultra talented Laurie Stolarz, Ms. Green also reps Bobby Mercer, Kristin Levine, and Jennifer Joyner among many others.

What She's Looking For: Popular fiction; young adult fiction; nonfiction including the three P's--pop culture, parenting, and prescriptive how-to's.

Notable Net Nuggets:

How to Submit to Her: Send email queries (with NO ATTACHMENTS) to query@kgreenagency.com.

There you have it. Now that I've done most of the work for you, send your queries off!


Marquita Hockaday said...

Thanks for doing all the work here :) She sounds like a really cool agent, especially because of the quick response time. You know how impatient we Americans can be.

Melanie said...

This really is such a wonderful thing you do! Thanks for introducing us to all these agents.

Now all I need to do is finish another project so I have something to submit!

Pam Harris said...

Aww, thanks ladies. :) And I'm trying to work on another project, too, Melanie. But I keep getting distracted...ooh look! I just got another tweet!