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Monday, May 3, 2010

My Agent Wish List: Sarah LaPolla

Workout Song of the Day: "I'm Back" by T.I.

Before I share the goods on Ms. LaPolla, I want to spread my love fest to Jess who awarded me the Sunshine Award. A few of you may remember that I received this award a while back, but I'm all about over consumption (just ask my pants size!). But seriously, thank you Jess--you are a rawk star. And if you guys don't follow her, please swing by her blog because she is a riot! :)

So this week I want to pay homage to someone kind of new to the agency game, and that's Sarah LaPolla from Curtis Brown LTD. You may have heard of this agency--it may just employ super blogger and speedy responder, Nathan Bransford, who also happens to be a fan of Ms. LaPolla. Want to learn more about this agent who started actively building her client list just last month? Ch-ch-check it out!

Why I Heart Her: Because like me, she thinks that S.E. Hinton is the messiah of YA fiction! Or at least that she's the one that put YA literature on the map.

Why You'll Heart Her: Because she frequently showcases new writers on her fantabulous blog, Glass Cases.

Who She Represents: Ms. LaPolla is fresh out of the oven! She's been working with Curtis Brown LTD for two years, but just recently started taking on her own clients. However, her agency represents Jeff Abbott, Ayn Rand, Diana Gabaldon, and Gail Carson Levine among many others.

What She's Looking For: Ms. LaPolla is on the hunt for literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, urban fantasy, magical realism, horror, paranormal romance, and crossover YA.

Notable Net Nuggets:

Glass Cases (her very own blog where she showcases new talent, as well as interview established authors)

QueryTracker (Ms. LaPolla is known to respond to queries within two weeks)

YA Highway interview

Twitter (her account pretty active)

How to Submit to Her: Click here for Curtis Brown LTD submission guidelines. Ms. LaPolla does take email queries. Make sure to include a synopsis and the first chapter--but not as an attachment!

It's always great to query new agents, especially ones from well-respected agencies like Curtis Brown. I've done the dirty work, now polish those queries and manuscripts! :)


Abby Stevens said...

There are so many great agents at Curtis Brown. Too bad they have to be queried one by one, but at least most of them are quick responders. :P

Marquita Hockaday said...

Thanks for the goods on this one- me likey! I may just query her once I am done with my historical YA or if I finish my POS- we'll see :) And I am most def. gonna follow her blog now. Thanks for the hook up buddy, buddy :)

Tahereh said...

awww love this, pam!! this is such a great idea too -- it's so helpful for queriers across the globe!

you're awesome for taking the time to put it out there :D

happy monday!!

Marilyn Peake said...

I love Sarah's GLASS CASES Blog. I had a short story published there, and working with Sarah was a wonderful experience. She's very supportive of new writers, and her GLASS CASES Blog is a great showcase for new work. I visit there frequently to see what's posted.

Pam Harris said...

Thanks, ladies! Anyone who nabs her as an agent will be really lucky. I only had a few "encounters" with her, but she's been lovely. :)

Dan said...

Good to see someone from the home territory. My daughter did her graduate work at ODU, as well as have numerous other relatives. I love the place. Keep us informed of any of your projects you can share. Is there anything now, and where might I find it?

Stop by my site, when you have time, www.PVT-EYE.NET, or my publisher's, www.shadowlinepress.com, or my page at crimespace.

Good luck with your writing.

Dan Coleman