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Monday, June 21, 2010

Music Monday: Songs for Scenes Edition # 1

Writing Song of the Day: Songs for Love Scenes Playlist (check it out below!)

Hey there, aces. We hope you had a great weekend! This Monday, we are going to kick off the Songs for Scenes edition of Music Monday. What we'll do for this special edition is suggest songs that you should listen to to help you write certain scenes. You know, those scenes that you're trying to include in your WIP or edit from your completed manuscript. The ones that focus on love, fighting, intensity, somberness, action, and emotion.

This week, we're going to focus on love scenes- whether it be literal love making, or the build up of a kiss or a relationship. Listen to the lyrics and allow them to help you break through your writer's block and FINALLY complete that scene.

Good Songs for Writing Love Scenes:

  1. In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel
  2. I Just Can't Stop Loving You- Michael Jackson
  3. I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
  4. Overjoyed- Stevie Wonder
  5. Wonderwall- Oasis
  6. Unchained Melody- The Righteous Brothers
  7. Stellar- Incubus
  8. At Last- Etta James
  9. All My Life- K-Ci and Jojo
  10. I Caught Fire- The Used

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Can you think of any good songs we left off of the list?

1 comment:

Racquel Henry said...

Good list! I'm exploring the romance genre this week on my blog, so I'll have love songs for my song of the day...and let me just say that love songs are my specialty! LOL...here are a few of my favorite songs:

I've Fallen in Love With You by Joss Stone
I Need You by Alicia Keys
You're the One by the Carpenters
Be Without You by Mary J. Blige

Really I could go on... :)