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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dine and Dash!

Writing Song of the Day: "Confessions, Part II" by Usher

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It's time to get on the road again with our ladies at YA Highway for their weekly Road Trip Wednesday question. To celebrate Kirsten Hubbard's debut novel, Like Mandarin (which Quita and I can't WAIT for!), they want us to: Explain a time you did something crazy.

Okay, time to step in our confessional booths.

When we were much, much younger (we were young and dumb, okay?), we were convinced by Quita's older sister--the master manipulator that she is (though we do heart her)--to do the unthinkable. It was summer vacation. She was hungry; we were hungry. And we were broke with a capital "I ain't got two quarters to rub together." So Quita's sister asked that we go to Pizza Hut, get a "To Go" box...

And run out without paying.

Yes, our lovely readers--Quita and I were forced at gunpoint (okay, maybe that's a little dramatic) to dine and dash.

We were scared out of our minds. We paced the Pizza Hut for a good hour before going in--but we were more scared to go back home and face her sister empty-handed. She was the oldest--a full-fledged high schooler. And as Courtney Summers shared with us so eloquently, a teenaged girl can be the creepiest thing aside from a zombie attack.

So we caved in, ate our pizza, asked for a box to bring to Her Highness (seriously, she was like royalty to us), and then darted out of the restaurant at top speed.

Unfortunately, a worker decided to get his cardio that day and chased us. Everything was a blur, but I do remember Quita shouting: "Don't look back, Pam! Run like the wind!"

Well, my "wind" was more like a gentle summer breeze because we were caught in no time. Just as the worker was about to call our parents (even though we begged him to just call the cops instead), our own personal guardian angel stepped in and paid for the pizza for us.

We don't know your name, sir--but we love you.

It's been over 15 years, and we just shared this story with our moms earlier this year. Even though they laughed it off (which I'm sure they wouldn't have done if they were actually called), Quita and I still can't go into a Pizza Hut without feeling a little queasy.

There you have it. We're so ashamed!! We're both extraordinary tippers now because of this incident. So spill it--what's the craziest thing you've all done?


Kaitlin Ward said...

LOL I love it! I've never tried to dine and dash but I would imagine it's terrifying to be caught.

Sarah Nicolas said...

Oh my! I've never tried this either, I would be way too nervous. I'm still trying to think of the craziest thing I've done... I guess I'm kinda boring :-)

Emy Shin said...

Oh dear. Both of you were really brave and spunky to do this -- I'd be so terrified I'd reject the idea out of hand. :D

Alicia Gregoire said...

That's awesome someone paid for you guys. Super nice of them. I admit to considering the dine and dash. In Denny's at 3 AM when the service is at it's worse.

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Brave of you to share...so glad someone was nice enough to bail you out!

Abby Stevens said...

Oh my gosh! You two should put this in one of your novels! I can't believe you got caught! I would've been TERRIFIED! Good thing for kind strangers! :)

Sarah Enni said...

Oh man I can't believe someone ran after you guys!! But I totally know what you're saying - those older kids are higher (and scarier) than the law at that point.

And yeah, you defs. need to put this in a book!

Kirsten Hubbard said...

oh noooo!! you poor things. but LOL.
I agree with Abby, it's a great story for one of your books.

Angie said...

haha - that's a great story. Aw, youth. :)

Ariana said...

This made me laugh! It's a good thing that there's such things as guardian angels. That was definitely a stroke of luck!

Racquel Henry said...

LMAO!!!! Are you serious?! This is too funny. I was literally laughing out loud! I can picture it! ;)