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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fives: Some Cheese with That Whine...?

Writing Song of the Day: "No Excuses" by Alice in Chains

At the very moment that you're reading this, we are driving to meet up with Erinn, Alicia, and Kat for what else but a WEEKEND OF AWESOME! But we still had to make sure that we got all up in the Friday Fives groove. So, via Paper Hangover (Pam's group blog--check it out here) this week's Friday Fives question is...

What are FIVE excuses you're ready to give up to become a better writer?

1.) There's never any time! What with a full time day job, MFA classes, a part time job for Pam...did we mention full time jobs (in education, which means we're still working at home, too)--oh and don't forget about TV shows and movie watching time, and reading--aye yi yi! It always feels like there's never enough time for us to actually just sit down and write. BUT since we completed NaNoWriMo this past November, we realized this is an excuse that we can overcome. Like the eloquent Nike slogan: Just Do It!

2.) No one's gonna like it anyway... It's so easy to cut ourselves down. Usually this is done b/c we fear rejection. We figure if we say it first, then no one can say anything worse. But this is one excuse we are resolving to stop using. If we love it- SOMEONE out there will love it, too. Pam found that out when she nabbed her super agent, Sarah La Polla!

3.) This genre's not "hot" anymore! We came up with a bada** vampire story and then thought: "Nope, vampires aren't hot anymore." Then a bada** dystopian idea presented itself, but so many dystopians are coming out that they won't be hot much longer, right? Screw that! If we're itching to write a story, we're gonna write that effing story!

4.) You can't teach me how to write! What do I need a craft of writing book for? Practice makes perfect, right? What will these craft books teach me that I won't learn from just writing? Obviously, a lot. A few of our bloggy pals are into craft books and we're starting to realize that these books could help us with those nagging problems- like action scenes or describing settings. Oh, not to mention we're both getting graduate degrees in creative writing--so it's apparent that yes, we can still learn a thing or two.

5.) Didn't someone else already write this? Sometimes we've just written the most ah-may-zing story ever, or plotted the best novel in the world...but then something seems familiar about it. Then we scrap it because we're sure it's just like that one book by that one awesome author who's on the New York Times Best Seller's List. Not anymore! You know why? Because lots of people have similar ideas but the DELIVERY of that idea is what matters.

So, yeah, we're done with the excuses, peeps. What about you all? What excuse are you ready to chuck to become a better writer?


Christine Murray said...

Sigh...we're our own worst enemies really. My list was fairly similar.

Holly Dodson said...

My number 1 was time too. Great list, and you're absolutely right. Writers are notoriously hard on themselves (ourselves?).

Racquel Henry said...

YES! It most definitely is about the delivery. Everything has been written, but it's all about the way writers write it. Everyone tells a story in a different way. Great list, I had #1 and #2 on my list also. :)

Marsha Sigman said...

How about I just say Ditto? Because you totally listed my five main excuses. They don't stop me but I think they tend to slow me down. Have a great weekend!

Jess said...

#2 is my worst excuse... It's so hard to overcome that one!

I need to start playing along with your Friday Fives. They are always so fun!

Ghenet Myrthil said...

I can relate with everything on this list, especially #1. I made up excuses for so long about not having enough time but there's always a way to find time to do what you love. :)

Jess Stork said...

I'm plagued by #5 a lot. It's good to know I'm not the only one who worries about this. Nice list guys!