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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Enough Already!

Workout Song of the Day: "The Royal We" by Silversun Pickups

The end of this week will be rather bittersweet for me. I've been writing an alternate version of my manuscript, Wants, and I'm about to ship it off to my beta readers. After I receive their feedback, I'll make a few more tweaks, and then send it off to Query Land. Granted, the current version already has two fulls and one partial out, but since I've received a number of rejections on this version, I decided to revamp it with a POV change and a few minor plot lines to see if Wants 2.0 will be the one that somebody besides me (and my loyal cuz) falls in love with. I love both versions, I do, but I'm just a little tired of looking at them. It's kind of like when you first started dating a guy, and he's shiny and new and wonderful, but after a few weeks you notice he chews with his mouth open and laughs obnoxiously loud in a crowded movie theater.

So, how do you know when your manuscript makes you do this:

1. When you whine every time you have to sit in front of your computer.

2. When you visit every blog possible to avoid opening that dreaded folder with 80 versions of your manuscript (I love your Literary Rambles and YA Highway!).

3. When you finally open up one of those annoying drafts, but instead of working, you dance to music playing from your computer. Or stereo. Or TV. Or inside of your head.

4. When you start cussing out your characters (i.e., "I told your dumb a** to not say that s***ty piece of dialogue!")

5. When you're not aware of any conversations going on in the real world because you're wondering if your protagonist smiles, rolls eyes, or smirks too much.

6. When someone asks you what your novel is about and all you can do is shrug. And smirk like your protagonist does all the time.

7. When you right a blog post about being tired of your manuscript when you should, in fact, be working on your manuscript.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think this baby is without flaws. WHEN I do get signed, I'll make as many changes as necessary to make it perfect for all of your lovely eyes. I figure I'll look at it with a bit more gusto then because, as I mentioned earlier, I really am proud of it.

So, I'll keep my fingers crossed that one of these versions will finally breakthrough. And if not, well, check out my girl Jaime Reed's post (VA represent, baby!).

When do you all know that enough is enough?


Marquita Hockaday said...

LMAO- that picture of the girl pulling out her hair is so funny! Sorry, that was my ADHD kicking in- back to the topic at hand, I know how frustrated you are with Wants, but I am proud of you for creating such a unique and special piece of literature. I think once you finish this version, you will be really proud of yourself as well. And I am glad that you said "when" you get signed and not "if" because we both will be agent-ed before I turn 30- I promise...yes, my promise is worth something. And how do I know when enough is enough? I don't- I just get distracted and feel like I need to work on something new. My poor POS Chasing Manson has been so neglected lately...maybe I should give a glance over again.

Melanie said...

From The Mexican...

Julia Roberts: If people truly love each other, when do you say enough is enough?

Brad Pitt: Never

Although we are talking about a book here, I still think the quote works. Your book becomes your baby. Enough is never enough when working on something you love.

However, absence does make the heart grow fonder!

The excerpts that you posted on your book are an exciting read and I am excited to hear how dedicated you are to it! So maybe doing the blogging, the dancing, and the hair pulling is just the time-out you need in order to slather some more quality loving into Wants.

Jen said...

What a lovely blog! I always enjoy running across new blog buddies!!

I would have to say that even though it seems like you've had enough you are always to remember that you can never give up. Writing is in your blood, it would only anger you when you didn't write, even if that current WIP was giving you hell, it's only giving you hell because YOU know YOU can do better. Isn't that what writers block really is?? Just you getting in the way of brilliance!