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Friday, July 6, 2012

Writing Vacay # 1- Novel Revision Retreat 2012

Writing Song of the Day: "Vacation" by The Go-Gos

We know we've been MIA, but it's our lazy summer days--that have been not so lazy with part time jobs and all that stuff--but we are squeezing in time to do some writer-ly things! About two weeks ago, Pam and I attended our regional SCBWI's novel revision retreat. This is the first of three writing vacays we have planned this summer.

This retreat included numerous sessions with Executive editor, Wendy Loggia from Delacorte at Random House and author, Tracy Barrett. The sessions focused on writing with accuracy, how to revise, what to do when you're stuck/scared to revise, and Wendy even walked us through some edit letters.

Not only did we have a great time with the actual writing/revising exercises and sessions, but we also had fun meeting and conversing with talented writers. There was wine, S'mores, dormitory style lodging (that included bugs galore) and more wine. The best part of the trip for us? When we got to have about a 45 minute conversation with Tracy Barrett and Wendy Loggia that ended with us deciding that we would pursue admission to Columbia's publishing certificate program next summer. Wendy was so down to earth and gave us great advice about going after what you want while you still can. It was inspiring and exciting!

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Tracy Barrett and Wendy Loggia getting ready for First Pages Panel
Our view in Richmond, VA!
The side of our dorm room in Richmond, VA--the one with all the bugs :(

Tracy Barrett and Wendy Loggia give us their Ten Revision Tips

All in all--good times, good advice, and good wine! We can't wait to attend WOA 2.0 with our writer friends and of course, LASCBWI! More to come from those writer vacays, later.

In the mean time, what have you all been up to this summer? Oh, and while you're here---why not check out our new page: Cuz We Edit...Manuscripts!