Our Masterpieces...Err, Our Novels

Cuz We Edit...Manuscripts

We've been editing for classmates and friends for quite some time now and we've realized...HEY! Not only do we like this, but we're also pretty good at it! So we've decided to offer our services to more aspiring writers.

So, Why US?

Well...here's a list of non-egotistical reasons:

1st: We are both agented! Pam's agent is Sarah LaPolla from Bradford Literary Agency., and Quita's agent is Jennie Goloboy from Red Sofa Literary.

2nd: Both of us received our MFAs in creative writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University (Pam specialized in YA, Quita specialized in mystery/thriller).

3rd: We're both interns/readers for Entangled Publishing LLC, where we provide extensive reader reports for YA and adult fiction manuscripts.

4th: We are co-founders/co-editors for Black Fox Literary Magazine.

5th: We are both post-secondary writing/composition instructors.

6th: You can get TWO sets of eyes for the price of ONE!

What We're Best At:

We want to make sure that you get your money's worth, so here are the genres that we know best:

YA (realistic/contemporary, historical, dystopian/sci-fi, thriller, horror, and mystery)
Adult (literary, horror, thriller, women's fiction, and mystery)

*We are also willing to edit/consult on short stories in the above categories

What Will a Cuz We Edit Consultation Look Like??

You will receive a report on the following areas:

*Characters: We will focus on your character development--making sure that major characters grow/change and that minor characters are included for a reason. We will also look out for any traits that seem unrealistic, as well as making sure actions are in line with is or her motivations.

*Pacing: Here we will make sure that your manuscript does not lull in some spots and pick up in others. We will ensure that the novel/story does not slow down too much and lose the reader's interest.

*Plot/Conflict: This is one of the most important parts of manuscripts. We will make sure that your novel/story has a clear plot and that a conflict is present (both internal and external). We will also look to be sure that conflicts are resolved in a realistic (meaning that it fits your manuscript) fashion.

*Setting:  Have a problem with describing your scenes? We'll help to make your setting become an important character in your manuscript.

*Voice/Dialogue: Finally, what WE consider the most important. We will check to make sure your manuscript has that "it" factor from the beginning--that voice that is believable and that pulls a reader in. We will also check for authentic dialogue that moves the story along.

--Line edits can be requested for an additional rate.



Up to 25,000 words: $50.00
25,001 to 50,000 words: $100.00
50,001-75,000 words: $150.00
75,001-100,000 words: $200.00


Agent-Ready Bundle: Query + Synopsis + First 10 Pages: $50.00
30 minute Phone/Skype/Google + Chat to discuss report: $100.00

*Once you contact us, we will discuss how payments are distributed.

How To Reach Out To Us:

E-mail us at cuzwewrite (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Your subject line should include: Manuscript Consultation

In the body of the e-mail, please include the following:

1. Your title (if you have one)

2. Your genre

3. Your word count

4. Please include any specific areas you would like us to focus on

5. Your manuscript as a Word (doc or docx) attachment

We can't wait to read your work!!

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Giora said...

Hello Quita and Pam. Are you best also in romantic contemporary commercial YA? Thanks and Happy New Year.